Foods That promote hair growth – 5 best foods for your hair grow


instead of using processed foods, maintain your hair from the inside out by eating foods that promote hair growth.

There are some major elements that influence your hair-genetics, age, nutrient deficiencies, hormones and more- what you eat that affects your hair and you can control that your hair growth by eating foods that promote hair growth. If you are predisposed to thin and so so hair then you don’t want to make it worse by consuming the bad or wrong foods. Would you?
By eating foods that promote hair growth and avoiding those which are harmful, you can influence your hair’s thickness, its shedding or growth, a likelihood of shining, and even how shiny it is. Compare the list below with what you usually have in your list.

Almond butter: foods that promote hair growth

Almond butter contains a wide variety of protein—including nutrients, healthy fats, and vitamins, these all elements linked to hair health. Nuts contain vitamin E, researchers say it is good for keeping your locks lustrous and thick. According to an eight-month research, it is found that men who supplemented daily with vitamin E, saw an increase in hair growth.

Tangerines: foods that provide hair growth

The benefits of tangerines affect your hair in a very good way. It has vitamin C content which makes it easier for your body to absorb iron.

Spinach: foods that promote hair growth

A mineral deficiency is the cause of hair loss, particularly in women. Make sure you don’t have a lack of foods in your diet that could be leading to hair loss. Spinach is iron rich and it contains sebum, which is like a natural conditioner for your hair. The leafy green also provides magnesium, omega-3 acids, calcium, potassium, and iron. All help keep hair shiny, lustrous and most importantly, out of the drain. Spinach is one of those foods which you can eat every day.

Salmon: foods that promote hair growth

The human body can do a lot of crazy things, like turning sunlight into the bone, for strengthening vitamin D. what they can’t do is making omega-3 Fatty acids. Omega-3 acids are anti-inflammatory and they can help you in inflammation which causes hair shedding. It will be best if you will get omega-3 from natural sources, such as salmon and cold water fish like mackerel and sardines. Omega-3 enables you to grow your hair shiny and full. Salmon helps your body to process insulin more efficiently. But try to avoid farmed salmon at all costs.

Cinnamon: foods that promote hair growth

Cinnamon smells like the holiday season and improves circulation, which brings nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles. Sprinkle this expressive spice in your coffee or on your toast, or on top of your oatmeal. Speaking of…

Oatmeal: foods that promote hair growth

Oats are rich in fiber, iron, zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and omega-3 fatty acids, all these elements stimulate hair growth, making it healthy and thick.

Eggs: foods that promote hair growth

Eggs are packed with biotin or vitamin B, which helps strengthens brittle fingernails and hair grow. Less of this vitamin in your body can lead to hair loss. Other good sources of biotin are avocados, salmon and almonds.

Lentils: foods that promote hair growth

Full of zinc, biotin, iron an protein, lentils have plenty of folic acids. Your body needs folic acids to restore the health of red blood cells. Red blood cells supply scalp and skin with hair improving oxygen. Foods which contain folic acids are very good for healthy sperm too.
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