Cell Phone Blue Light May Be Permanently Damaging Your Eyes

Cell Phone Blue Light May Be Permanently Damaging Your Eyes

The blue lights emitted from the screens of cell phone, tablets and laptops are surprisingly powerful that you may not have even imagined. This light shines the screens on these devices so that we can see them in daylight as well. And at night they are so bright that you can compare them to daylight, to some extent. That is why it is not a good idea to stare at these screens late at night.
Our bodies naturally follow a cycle that helps us stay awake and mentally alert during the day. Whereas this gives us an opportunity to rest at night. But when people look at these screens before going to bed, the brain becomes confused as their effects are like the morning sun. This prevents the brain from making melatonin, the hormone that gives the body time to sleep. As a result of this hormone disruption, this light affects your sleep cycle, making it difficult to sleep at night while waking up during the day. Which also increases the risk of many medical problems.
Memory be affected
Sleep disturbances affect a person's ability to concentrate while memory also begins to weaken.
The risk of obesity
Melatonin intake also affects other hormones that control appetite, which in turn increases the risk of obesity.

The problem of depression

People with lower levels of melatonin within the body and affected by the physical clock are at a higher risk of depression than others.

Good sleep deprivation

Making a habit of using smartphones before going to bed at night can lead to the accumulation of such toxic substances on a long-term basis. Which makes it almost impossible to achieve good and quality sleep.

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Decreased ability to think

A bad night's sleep can make things difficult to understand. So you can determine for yourself what effects this can have on the brain for a period of time, month, or year.

The risk of cancer

The relationship between exposure to blue light at night and sleep deprivation also increases the risk of bladder and breast cancer.

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