Cycling Good For Health

 Cycling Good For Health

Health Benefits of Cycling 

Health Benefits of Cycling 

Well, the secret to a healthy life is in exercising, but staying consistent for long periods of time is not enough for everyone. But now scientists have found a simple solution to a longer and healthier life, which came after more than 2 million people over 5 years of experience. According to London experts, cycling and hiking lead to longer and healthier lives. The results of a research conducted by UK Biobank from 2007 to 2010 were published in a UK science journal.

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The results suggest that cyclists are more likely to live longer lives, including cancer and heart disease, compared to traveling on public transport or other vehicles. The results of the study found that people who walk instead of cars have a more healthy and healthy life as cyclists. The research tested over 633,450 people from April 2007 to December 2010, the ages of 52 and over, while those were 6,676 women.

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The individuals involved in the study were tested in 22 locations in England, Wales, and Scotland. During the experiments, 2,430 people were killed. Of these, 496 died of heart disease, while 1126 died after suffering from cancer. Studies conducted after the experiment showed that 3,784 people had cancer, while 1110 people had heart disease.

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According to the results obtained by experts, cyclists up to 30 miles a week are 41% more likely to increase life expectancy. However, the chances of cancer and 45 heart disease are reduced by 45%. Experts say that cycling more than 30 miles a week has better effects on life and health, but cycling at least 30 miles is important.

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Impact on pedestrian health

Experts say pedestrians have less good health effects than cyclists, but pedestrians are also an important source of long life and good health. Experts say the overall lifespan of pedestrians is up to 6 miles a week, while the effects of dangerous diseases like cancer and heart disease are reduced.

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