Natural Ways To Reduce Water Weight In The Body

Reduce Water Weight In The Body

About 50 to 60 percent of the human body weight is water. The presence of excess water in the body is called edema, which causes inflammation of the stomach, legs, and hands. This amount of water is often high, which can vary from 2 to 4 pounds a day. Excessive water accumulation in the body can cause heart or kidney disease. But mostly it is timely, and by lifestyle changes, it ends on its own.

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Ways to reduce body weight:

Reduce salt consumption:

Reduce the use of salt to reduce water over the body, as eating more salt causes the body to accumulate more water, too. The reason is that our body has to maintain the balance of salt and water in order to function properly. Therefore, water accumulates as much salt as it does in the body.
While normal salt is high in sodium, but also 70% sodium is made from baked goods like cheese, double bread, frozen foods, meat, soup mix, and snacks.
Natural foods like vegetables, fruits, and seeds have low sodium intake. In addition, bananas, avocados, and leafy vegetables reduce the amount of sodium in the body.

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Drink more water To Reduce Water Weight In The Body

Drinking more water also reduces water weight in the body. Because dehydration, the body withholds water within itself to remove water deficiency. Drinking water improves kidney function and helps the body to release excess water and sodium. Elders should drink two liters of water daily. The use of plain water instead of sweet drinks is the best way to meet the water shortage.

Reduce the use of carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates also cause excess water to accumulate in the body. Because when the body does not fully utilize the energy derived from carbs, the energy accumulates as a glycogen molecule. And each gram of glycogen contains 3 grams of water.
Reducing carbohydrates will also reduce glycogen and thus reduce body weight as well. Bread, rice, and pasta are carbohydrates if these nutrients are replaced by protein foods such as low-fat meats, eggs, and soybeans. These items help reduce the weight of water from the body.

Use Supplements To Reduce Water Weight In The Body

Vitamin B6 and magnesium oxide can prevent excess water from accumulating in the body. These supplements help to release excess water and sodium from the body by boosting kidney function. In addition, it also reduces stomach upset, swelling of the legs and pain in the breast. But it is important to ask these supplements as they may be harmful for use with other medicines.


Exercise eliminates excess water from the body through sweat. In this way, the weight of water from the body immediately decreases after exercise.
Exercise increases blood, which prevents the entire body from becoming fluid, especially in the legs and legs. In addition, exercise also burns glycogen in the body which reduces water weight. To avoid dehydration, it is important to get water after exercise.

Urine Pills To Reduce Water Weight In The Body

The doctor's prescribed urine supplements can help to reduce water over the body. Eating these medicines causes the urine to recur, thus eliminating excess water and sodium in the body.
Urine medicines are not used for long periods of time. These medicines should always be used in consultation with a doctor to avoid deficiency of water and minerals in the body.


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