Symptoms indicating anemia in the body

Symptoms indicating anemia in the body

Symptoms indicating anemia in the body

Anemia is actually a reduction of red blood cells in the body, which acts to supply oxygen. The disease is congenital to some people, also known as thalassemia, but most people suffer from iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. If a person has anemia, he should consult a doctor so that he can determine his type and treat.

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However, the following are some of the symptoms of anemia.

Difficulty breathing or dizziness

As a result of iron or vitamin B12 deficiency in the body, the body fails to produce specific protein hemoglobin, which is very important for red blood cells. Hemoglobin is high in iron, which is why blood is red, which transports oxygen through the blood to the body. When the body does not get enough oxygen, it can result in difficulty breathing while often feeling dizziness or lightheadedness. These symptoms may be the cause of anemia.

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According to a University of Chicago study, the most common and prominent symptom of anemia is fatigue. According to research, the symptom of this fatigue is different in people, some are more tired and it is the same process that causes shortness of breath and dizziness, ie iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. ۔Fatigue or tiredness can be symptoms of anemia.

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Darkening of the skin

If the body does not have healthy red blood cells, then you cannot expect the body to look healthy. Without iron or vitamin B12, the blood does not reach the proper amount of blood, resulting in yellow appearance.

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Chest pain

When there is a lack of healthy red cells in the body, the heart has more work to do to make the blood supply to the body possible. As a result, the heartbeat becomes faster than usual and chest pains begin to appear. This is not an issue to be ignored, especially if you have other heart problems. According to one study, anemia can result in a higher risk of death due to anemia.

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Exhaust the blood

You may be part of the iron body in the right amount, but for various reasons, bleeding may result in an enema. Pregnant women are more likely to have anemia because their body needs more blood than usual to help the baby grow.

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Addiction to weird things

The most common symptom of anemia is seen in the form of ice cubes, soda, pencils, or dry paint. Medical experts are still unable to understand why patients want to chew these strange things, but they say this is a very common habit of anemia.

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The beats become random

If there is anemia in the body, then the oxygen supply to the heart has to do more work, which results in an irregular heartbeat. If this is the case most often you should see a doctor, as staying for a long time can cause cardiovascular disease.

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Hands stay cool all the time

It can also be a result of iron deficiency if your hands and feet stay cool all the time. Red blood cells require iron for oxygen in the blood and during the reduction, blood is affected, which causes the body to feel colder than usual. Due to changes in the blood during the period and this feeling can occur in the summer, gradually the affected person suffers from enema.


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