Women Melt Waist Fat – On Legs Doesn’t Matter

Women Melt Waist Fat – On Legs Doesn’t Matter

A new study has revealed that more fat on women's legs than the stomach protects them from heart disease after menopause or after menstruation.
According to research published in the European Heart Journal, healthy weight women who had mostly body fat and low fat on the hips and legs were shown to have slightly higher risks of stroke and heart disease.
According to scientists, 'Apple Shape' or 'Chubby' women should try to reduce the fat around their waist and try to make a size such as 'Pear Shape' or pear, according to the English idiom.
But according to a charity working against cardiovascular disease, there should be more research on the relationship between fat and cardiovascular disease in women around the abdomen.

what researchers say?

In the preparation of this research report, 2,200 such women were evaluated for eighteen years in which the ratio of body fat, weight, and height or body mass index to eighteen to twenty-five was considered very healthy.
These women were involved in a major US study that began in the 1990s, during which they underwent regular scans to check for physical fat, muscle, and bone strength.
Research found that women with a 'fat chubby' size were three times more at risk of heart diseases then women with more fat on the hips and legs.
Scientists already knew that fat accumulating around the abdominal organs increases the risk of developing health problems, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Blood and heart diseases account for about a quarter of deaths in the UK.
The fact that leg fat is beneficial is not considered much, but the fat does not cause any other defect in the body.
Unfortunately, an unhealthy lifestyle leads to the accumulation of fat around the stomach.
Chibi Chi, a professor at New York's Albert Einstein College, says that before this latest research, all the research was done on overweight people.
He says that in the latest research, all participants were normal-weight women and the message goes that it is important for healthy weight women to have fat around their belly or on their legs and buttocks.

The question is, what should women do?

According to Professor Chibi Chi, the key is to reduce fat around the abdomen rather than the legs and buttocks. About what a diet should be for that purpose, he says that although he does not know of any specific diet yet, he and his colleagues are working on the subject and hopefully it will be answered soon. Will
Until then, Professor Chibi Chi recommends focusing only on exercise and a healthy diet.
Dr. Sonia Babu Narain, Associate Director of the British Heart Foundation, says this latest research has explored where body fat accumulates and has found an interesting link between stroke and heart diseases.
"But more research needs to be done on this topic to discover new ways to cure and cure these diseases."


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